In-Ground Asset Mapping & Virtual Drilling System™
For Petroleum & Minerals Services

Eliminates Environmental Damage, Permits And Exploratory Drilling
And Completes Exploration in Unparalleled Time

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Sea & Land recently completed two exploration projects:

An oil and gas field in Guayaquil in Ecuador (see procedures and results of report here)
A gold concession in Pacto Ecuador (see procedures and results report here).

Our Expertise

Sea & Land Global Group S.A. (“Sea & Land”) provides a unique two-step exploration service for minerals, water, oil/gas reserves, referred to as “In-Ground Asset Mapping & Virtual Drilling System™”, truly a unique exploration service.

What differentiates Sea & Land services from other exploration companies, is that Sea & Land has direct access to one of the worlds most advanced satellite systems, and advanced interpretive software, plus Sea & Land’s proprietary technology known as “Electromagnetic Depth Sounding Technology™” (“EDST™”).

Sea & Land has also developed advanced methods for these applications as well:

  • Water, Oil/Gas and Mineral Exploration;
  • Upgrading of heavy and sour crudes;
  • Recovery of slop and sludge;
  • Remediation of land.

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Ecuador Oil/Gas Blocks Available

The Secretary of Hydrocarbons in Ecuador is preparing to offer, within the next several months, service contracts in the upcoming Ronda (bidding process) for approximately 18 oil/gas blocks. The blocks located within the Amazon region each have an approximate area of 2,000 square kilometers. The blocks located on the coastal region each have approximate area of 3,500 square kilometers. Sea & Land has been working closely this year with the Ministry of Nonrenewable Resources and during this period has presented the economic and environmental advantages of using satellite mapping and Electromagnetic Depth Sounding. This has caused the Secretary of Hydrocarbons to include these exploration methods in the principal basis in the process of the Ronda expected in the very near future. To discuss the expected new higher rates for the service contracts and Sea & Land’s assistance in the bidding process, please contact us »

News Highlights

June 2014
Sea & Land completed two exploration projects, one of an oil and gas field in Guayaquil in Ecuador (see Guayaquil exploration report here) and another at a gold concession in Pacto Ecuador (see Pacto exploration report here).

August 2014
As a result of the extraordinary results generated from the explorations completed by Sea & land, it has received documentation from the Ecuador Government confirming Satellite Scanning and Electromagnetic Depth Sounding Technology will be included by the Secretary of Hydrocarbons as a principal basis in the process of the Ronda (oil/gas block bidding process) in Ecuador, which means in the future that all OPEC countries and other oil/gas producing countries will recognize its benefits.