Our Expertise

What differentiates Sea & Land services from other exploration companies, is that Sea & Land has direct access to one of the worlds most advanced satellite systems, and advanced interpretive software, plus Sea & Land’s proprietary technology known as “Electromagnetic Depth Sounding Technology™” (“EDST™”).

For the first step of exploration (“In-Ground Asset-Mapping™”) of Sea & Land’s two-step system to complete an exploration of a reserve, Sea & Land offers two choices; one is by utilizing an advanced global network of high-powered HD satellites, which precisely locate and identify minerals, oil/gas and other natural resource reserves and processes the collected data with its proprietary interpretive software. The second choice offered is Sea & Land’s proprietary EDST™ which is deployed from a helicopter as it passes over the project area in a systematic grid-like pattern (“Aerial EDST™”). A recent In-Ground Asset Mapping™ exploration using Aerial EDST™ was performed in an oil and gas field in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

For the second step (“Virtual Drilling™””) of the two-step system to complete an exploration of a reserve, Sea & Land offers its proprietary EDST™ service that is performed from the earth’s surface, land or water (“In-Ground EDST™”), which pin-points the target asset, provides the precise concentration of the target asset, and details of the formation, including the bedding thickness and volume of the reserve to allow for exact planning and costing for extraction of the target asset. Sea & Land recently completed explorations using its proprietary In-Ground EDST™ service in two gold concessions in Pacto, Ecuador and for a government owned oil/gas block in Guayaquil, Ecuador.